There are two major types of SEO techniques: White hat and Black hat. White hat is the favored across all search engines. White hat SEO is a process to optimize a website by concentrating for the human audience rather than for search engines.

To do this, SEO practitioners should follow search engines’ rules and policies. This is a basic and important rule most “experts” do not apply. As we all know, search engines are one of the main traffic sources for most small to medium businesses. If your organization uses black hat techniques, Google and Bing will find out. When this happens, your site will be penalized. This can result to your rankings manually reduced or even, your website is totally removed from the search rankings altogether.

If you are to concentrate on white hat SEO rules, your website will gain the trust of search engines and effectively, receive high search engine rankings.

In general, white hat SEO retains the overall online integrity of your website’s reputation while your site stays within the top search rankings.

Here are some simple white hat SEO techniques that you can implement easily:

  1. Images – make sure that it loads quickly. As a tip, convert all images to .JPG file format. JPG files useless server resources and can significantly speed up the loading time of your site. Also, add alternative text to your images. This will help screen readers read your image.
  2. Keywords – Always use the right keyword for your blogs posts and the main pages’ content. A general rule is to use a target keyword between 1 and 4% (no more than 24 times per 600 words).
  3. Linking to and from other sites – Make sure that you are building outbound and inbound links only from sites that are known to be spam free. Spammy sites are known to damage your site’s rankings and over the long term, would render your site not to rank ever on the search results pages. A good example of a spammy site is a link farm site. Link farming is considered as black hat because the content on the web sites linking to each other is often not related and is obvious that the links are not created by a human.


White hat SEO is a very important activity if you want your project website to rank highly on the search engines. It also allows you to be focused with your target users as you would be concentrating specifically on what your audience want and not primarily on the search engines. This in turn will give your site a high organic growth, more traffic from search engines and a total improvement of your website’s visitor conversion. For more information on how we can help you build your website effectively using white hat SEO, contact Custom A Design now. You can visit us at our Facebook page at for our contact details. Let us start to make your website rank high on the search engines today!