According to Google, the tool is, to quote “If you believe your site’s ranking is being harmed by low-quality links you do not control, you can ask Google not to take them into account when assessing your site.”. The tool is an important tool in taking unwanted back links to your website that is pointed to your site.
Why you should disavow back links? This is because after the Penguin algorithm update, Google started to give manual and algorithmic penalties to websites that has back links from spammy sites.
There are a few good reasons to disavow bac klinks, here are some important ones:1. Your website has received an algorithmic or manual penalty from Google. In this case, you should
start the clean-up of your site’s bad back links. You would not wait for multiple requests from web masters for removal.
2. Review your back link sources. At some time you could have done it and in this situation, it is highly advisable to be honest on your past back linking activities. Think about your previous actions: linkbuying, link wheels, directory submissions, blog network links, fake web 2.0 profiles, blog comment spamming and so forth. This list can go on.
3. You have found a bad back link and all requests for link removal have failed.
Once you have identified your bad or spammy back links, it is time to remove them. You will then need to send a request to Google to disavow a single back link (URL), all links from a single from a single domain or otherwise. Before disavowing back links, make sure that there is an actual request for link removal to the web master of the site involved. If there is now response, then move to disavow the link.
Be reminded that there will not be changes immediately as it will take several weeks (or longer – with no clear consensus on how many) before Google will start disavowing these bad links that you have identified.
This is a very powerful tool and should be used properly. Before disavowing links, take note of the following:
– Disavowed links will continue to provide traffic, if there is any, to your website and they are treated as no follow links.
– Any back link that was a no-follow to begin with does not need to be submitted to be disavowed.
– The website that has the disavowed link does not penalize. Although this is not believed by everybody and Google might in the future take this into account in tracking down spammy websites.