It is a software as a service offering access to users a collection of varied collection for web development, cloud services, graphic design and video editing. Users of this service must be able to pay their subscription fees by either monthly or annual payment periods. Users must take note that the Creative Cloud software is downloaded directly from the Internet and is installed to a local computer. Updates and multiple language support is included on the subscription as well. Comparing to the previous software launches such as the Adobe Creative Suite or Adobe eLearning suite, Adobe Creative Cloud’s license expires which the previous software packages do not.

The Adobe Creative Cloud still holds many of the features of the original Adobe Creative Suite line of software. Foremost feature is the instant availability of upgrades, saving it to the cloud (versus saving on local machines) and because files are saved to the cloud, files are easily shared.

Interesting addition to the software packages include Adobe Edge – a suite of web development tools in creating responsive web designs, a browser based content using the latest markup language such HTML5, CSS 3, Javascript and Jquery totally replacing the old flash based web outputs. Behance also allows creative professionals share their ideas on this platform similar to popular social-media platforms. Are you on the television industry? Try Adobe Story Plus, a screenwriting and film pre-production application that integrates to the Premier Pro family of software.

This bold move from Adobe tries to stop piracy of their tools. Adobe is a well-known software suite to be hacked and used as tools to create business from unethical businesses and individuals.

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