A/B testing, also known as spilt testing, is a simple way to evaluate changes on a webpage against a current theme or design and will help determine which of your webpage elements would produce te best positive results. This is a method to validate any new design or changing a specific element on a web page to help improve your conversion rate before taking the specific change permanent to a website’s code. A/B testing allows two versions of the same page to certain design and conversion elements.

With A/B testing, it takes the guesswork out of an existing website and enabled data driven and informed decision that would shift the business conversations from a “thinking” to “knowing” perspective. With constant measurement on website conversion goals such as sign-ups, downloads, and online purchases, these metrics can almost ensure success on every change that was done on a website to help achieve whatever the organization’s goals would be as quantitative data is straight forward and can easily be understood.

Constantly testing and optimizing a website’s pages’ can prove increase in revenue, leads, registrations downloads and even user generated content while the tests provide invaluable insights about their target visitors.

To put into a better angle, an A/B test involves testing two versions of a web page. The A version would be the control and the B version would be the variation. Live online traffic would be seeing these versions and measurements are being captured as this process is on the way. To start an A/B test by identifying what are your project goals would be then determine what could the probable pages on an existing website would contribute to the success of the completion of the goal.

For example, company XYZ construction (a hypothetical company), operates by selling construction supplies at a wholesale or retail level. Company XYZ’s ultimate goal is to sell more and more construction supplies and increase their annual revenue and therefore, the checkout funnel is the initial place in which Company XYZ’s marketing manager would focus on.

Knowing the initial goal, the “Buy Now” button on each product page would be the first website element visitors would respond to right at the very beginning of the checkout process. By implementing simple A/B test on the “Buy Now” button, such as changing colors, size, placement, to name a few, this sets up the testing process and then both versions of the button would go live to see which button variation would return the best result. In this case, which button would be most clicked on.

As the test runs, web site visitors are categorized into variations. All website visitors would be equally divided between the two “Buy Now” test variations. Once it is determined that the number of visitors is enough to declare a clear victor, the variation would then be finally implemented to the site.

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