As browsers become more sophisticated, newer technologies emerging, and mobile devices are becoming more and more common, 2014 was the year when new Web Design Trends start to emerge. 2014 also started not just visual web design trends but for the production and workflow trends for web developers as well. Trends for 2015 would then look forward to use the following:

  1. Ambient Videos – A company is more likely to have video footages. With the rise of browsers that support HTML 5 <video> tag and H.264 format, videos will be running on their own and can be used to a designer’s desire on a web page.
  1. Online Style Guides – Companies would do anything to take care of their brand. Any type of communication, be it a PDF file, email newsletters, business cards, flyers, trade show booths and of course, the website would be used to their maximum capability to communicate the same visual language. These style guides would help companies how to properly use these pattern libraries to be consistent on their own and offline branding campaigns.
  1. Web sites as Applications – With the shift towards responsive design, designers and developers have pushed the limits of web pages as “pages”. With today’s websites acting more like applications or software, web design is done as designing as systems of components and not as the traditional way of make pages (or entire sites) as page templates.
  1. Cards – When data and content is conveyed through many mediums such as social media, email newsletters, articles and the like, it helps to contain information in a small, self-contained unit. A lot of marketers do not realize that smaller bits of content are much more preferred these days. A simple solution for this: Cards. The visual aspect of a card is perfect to contain much a company’s branding, content as well as the contact mediums such email addresses and phone numbers.
  1. User Experience and Usability Testing – User testing has been commonly thought as a wasted effort. This is because it is a tedious, time consuming and an expensive task to do. Valuable insights from user testing are usually taken granted due to bureaucracy, self-contained reasons and sometimes, due to the lack of common wisdom to do this. With tools and services readily available to perform user testing, it now becomes easier to use and less expensive. Web pages are now geared and designed towards users and not just the traditional point of view of making it just for the sake for people to say that it is “beautiful”.

These are just of the few trends we are all looking forward to see this 2015.

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