What are the top search engines users around the world uses? Besides from the default knowledge that is Google and Bing, there are other search engines that may not be known but still serves to millions of search queries per day.

It might be a shocking to some but Google is not the only mega search engine that is available today. In fact there are others that are trying to get Google’s top rank. Though this is much of a thing in the future (Yahoo was once the king of the search engines).

  1. Google – There is no need for other introductions. The search engine behemoth holds the top place in the search engine game. According to Comscore, 69.5% of all searches are powered by Google and Bing gathers second place. Also, Google is dominating the mobile search with a market share of over 85%.
  1. Bing – Bing is Microsoft’s challenge to attempt to replace Google as the top search engine. Despite their efforts, Bing manages still to become the second most widely used search engine.
  1. Yahoo! – Since 2011, Bing acquired the tech giant and became powered by the Bing search algorithm. Today, Yahoo! Still holds the record as the most popular email provider.
  1. com – It was formerly known as Ask Jeeves. This search engine receives an approximate of 3% of the global search share. Ask.com is based on a question and answer format where most questions are answered by users or in the form of polls. It has the basic and general search function but results lack the quality of Google and Bing results pages.
  1. com – this old timer still holds close to 0.6% of the market share in the search engines. The AOL network includes many popular sites like techcrunch.com, hoffingtinpost.com and engadget.com.
  1. com – this search engine was created by previous Google employees and presents the search engine as a spam free. This search engine is best suited for webmasters and SEO people who need more data for search engine optimization purposes rather than normal users.
  1. Wolframalpha – This is a different search engine. It is marketed as a Computational Knowledge Engine which can give users data and facts for a number of topics.
  1. DuckDuckGo – This is truly a unique search engine. It has a clean interface, it does not track users, does not add too much ads and has some few features, for example there is only one page of search results, allows searching directly on other websites. With some proper funding, DuckDuckGo can get a decent market share on the search arena.
  1. WayBackMachine – This is the Internet’s archive search engine. It is very useful if users would want to trace the history of a domain and examine how it looks over the years.
  2. com – According to Alexa, ChaCha.com is the 8th most popular search engine with a ranking position of 297 in the US. The search engine’s features are similar to Ask.com where users can ask questions or answer a particular question. It also features a number of quizzes that can help users decide on a number of topics.




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