Social Media is free and if you are looking to use social media to market your business, it may cost  your most important asset – time. Even if you may have some spare time to dedicate your efforts in posting and managing your social media accounts such as your Facebook page, Twitter and other varieties of social media accounts you would still want to promote them with paying for advertising if the goal is growth. Many business owners think they can easily jump in using social media just because they have read it somewhere that it works, without any knowledge of the effort the is needed to make it at the very least, off the ground.
The question would be, would you expand your marketing channels just because everybody is doing it?What could be the rate of success for your business? Most businesses’ perspective at social media is free but it is simply is not, if not done properly.
How much is your time worth?
If you are managing your social media for your business, then you would need to look on how muchtime you would need to spend in doing it. You would also consider if it is consuming time that is supposed to be spent somewhere else. Here is a typical example:
1. Posting to one social profile not on a regular basis.2. 2 hours is spent approximately per week in managing posts and social media profiles.3. 2 hours per week is 8 hours a month.4. Assuming that an hour’s work is at $255. That means that you are actually $200 per month for your social media account!Do You Really Know How to Manage Your Social Media Account?
Businesses owners who are using social media are not only waste these precious man hours tothemselves but also involve employees to invest their time in social media. If you have an in-houseonline marketing expert, chances are you as a business owner, is not realizing the full potential of yoursocial media campaigns. In realization, using a professional service will often cost you less in your socialmedia campaigns. For lesser the cost, you will get regular posts, proper research on what to post andstrategies in increasing your online reach.
This post does not say that you, as a business owner should not be involved in your social mediamarketing but by using an external (or third party) expert will definitely give you a better competitiveedge. This small investment will give time lost to your business and to yourself. Employees would beable to focus more on their own jobs that should take precedence. By having an expert, social mediacampaigns would be more relevant to you and your own business.