To start, it is but important to focus on how to get your targeted market audience to your website. This initial step is crucial in assessing how much traffic your website has and will generally give insights on how to convert your audience into a lead.
1. By creating blog posts that answers the top questions both your prospects and customers have.
This is a basic step and should get you started in generating leads. Blog posts are not necessarily about your latest product release or company news all the time. Blog posts should be educational to your users. In getting those questions, talk to your sales representatives (or directly on yourself if you do your own sales) on the queries that comes up most often on the sales cycle. Questions that are imminent toyour audience can then be broken down and answered on a series of blogs if the questions are complicated. This way, when people are doing research to fill in their needs or wants, and search for answers for those specific questions, they can get information on your blog post.
This is one key in generating traffic to your website – by writing blog posts that answers your customers’questions. With each blog post that is clearly written allows you to have more opportunities to be found in organic search and to be able to be viral on social media circles – only to result in website traffic.
2. Converting Website Visitors into Leads.
Once website is clearly identified and traffic is constant, you can now focus on generating leads from your website. One of the noted ways is to create a buzz of users getting something from your site for free or at a very reasonable price once they sign up. You will then need a special form on a landing page.This form should not ask for a credit card instantly. Just their contact information such as their name,email address, company or phone number. This exchange is crucial in creating your lead list and it should not just for fun. Make sure the offer is worthy of giving up your users’ information.
On your blog posts and landing page for your offers are ready, you will now need your calls-to-action elements. Calls-to-action are usually in the form of text or images that will direct people to your landing page. Regardless whether they are images or just plain texts, your calls-to-action are how you would create leads from blog posts you wrote.
3. Repeat Steps 1 and 2
This may be a short summary – Write blog posts that answers people’s questions, use call-to-action todirect people to your offer. People sign up on the offer. You get a lead. Do this as much as you can.
There are also other ways how to do this. Active participation on social media, personalized lead nurturing campaigns, website content that is smart and relevant. These are just the basics. By being constant on the process especially in finding new topics your audience would want to know about will definitely give you a sustainable source of traffic and leads.