Today’s customers do a lot of window shopping online. The main difference between online and the traditional window shopping is that customers are more apt in disregarding items on a virtual shopping cart and then leaving the website. All hope is not lost since there are ways to reinforce purchase before users choose to abandon a full online shopping cart.

  1. Offer Multiple Payment Options

If compare and borrow elements on big websites such as Wal Mart and offer as much convenience to customers as possible during the checkout process. Do not force users to open a proprietary credit line because their preferred form of payment is not accepted by your business.

Third party online payment gateway providers are of a huge importance to online shopping. A lot of them even offer one-click checkout options for existing customers. This reinforces the ease of payment, and makes impulse purchases more likely to happen.

  1. Being Upfront and Honest on the Prices

The best way to eliminate any hidden fees is to add a sales tax calculator to the actual shopping cart. Online retailers only offer a similar calculator after the checkout and this can certainly scare potential customers. By doing this upfront then people would know what to expect. Also, it is better to plan to offer a wide variety of shipping options – with free shipping as one of them.

  1. Offering Product Comparisons

You may want to allow direct comparisons of various products and brands with their price point comparisons. This enables customers to about what they need to make an informed decision as well as reinforcing their goals. They are more likely to go through with a purchase if users are sure that the product they have selected offers the best possible features and more importantly, the price cost.

  1. Registration Problems

A great way to handle user account registrations that is needed to complete the purchase journey is to prompt the users to register for an account after they have already made the purchase. If there is a need of an identifier to track customer activity and purchases, email addresses can be required instead of a proprietary account. Some companies do this and then import all activity done on the website through the associated email address