Have you ever experienced a time that when you are scrolling over at page of a website then without notice, a blast of “music” comes out of your computers? Not only it can become really embarrassing but people around you would be annoyed by this interruption.

This is caused by: Autoplay.

Just like the long ago flash websites, autoplay causes Internet users to be annoyed and will not probably go back to that noisy website.

Autoplay is well known as the most unwanted tactic of today’s digital world. According to a 2013 Digital Future Report, 84 percent of respondents aged from 25 to 34 leave a website due to an “intrusive or irrelevant” advertisement. Even on music oriented websites, the reaction is often similar. But when used properly, audio and video on your website can greatly enhance overall visitor experience.

Design Websites to Draw Attention towards Digital Elements

There is no need to point out that audio and video has been proven in increasing engagement and ons-site conversions. In order to ensure that website visitors would still receive messages, try to draw attention to audio a video capabilities as users navigate through your website at their own leisure. Clearly mark all player control- play, pause/stop buttons, volume sliders, etc – so that users can have these elements handy. It is important to give users the ability to check out your website’s audio or video at their own discretion while creating a cozy online environment.

Addressing the Technical Elements of Audio and Video

Autoplay causes many site visitors to panic when they look for the mute or stop button for any mdia embedded on a site. A site user may not have the capability to play the files without any system interruption due to slow connection speeds or any other technical malfunctions. Audio and Video sharing is an option and not a requirement, so that visitors can determine when and where to engage in your message.

The bottom line is to make sure that each visitor will not exit your website without hearing music or checking out your video. By designing a friendly experience without using autoplay, you can have the ability to have new and old users listen or watch your embedded media on your website.