In choosing your domain name, should you go with a .com, .info, .org or dot-something else? Except in rare instances, it is almost the best bet to go with a .com name. Exceptions will come in if you would need to do a .gov or a .edu but for the large majority of businesses a .com in your URL is best – for the reasons you may not be aware of.

Domain names have a long history in SEO strategies and it has not always been for the top reasons and as time passed, Google has adjusted for spammy SEO domain efforts. Today, the top-level domain (TLD) can still play a part of an overall search engine optimization (SEO) strategy and helps move websites up in the rankings.

In Building Your Brand

Your website is the mainstay from which you are to build your brand, and it starts with the URL. When users find you online, it is the URL or domain name that they remember, and it is what they would share with their friends, in general. It is a rookie mistake to think only links and keywords that matter with SEO when the fact of the matter is that Google has an affinity for well established brands. Brands and branding can vary between niche and global presence. Your domain name plays a part in the brand presence of your business.

Do Not Get Too Creative

Excluding .org for non-profit organizations, .gov for government sites, and .edu for educational institutions, .com should be the first option. It is the norm, and it is quite standardized. For a fact, did you know that 75% of all websites in the US have a .com extension? It is what people assume your website to end with, even when it is not using this extension. You would want to be memorable in a good way and getting too creative with your URL / domain name can spell trouble for you.

One goal of search engine optimization is to link users with the best, most relevant websites out there. Peculiar or unusual domains create a challenging dynamic, something which can be overcome with strong content marketing and media. However, for every unusual domain that succeeds many more fails in gaining the necessary and appropriate recognition. You are basically signing up for a handicap and that is the last thing you need (there will be plenty of other challenges in the SEO game and choosing your battles is a wise move).