Today, it is common knowledge within the digital marketing community that the local search market is growing rapidly with over 30% of all Google’s searches have local intent. Having high ranks in your locality for your products and services is vital to building a local presence that attracts more customers,phone calls, enquiries and sales.

In finding out what keywords customers are searching for in your local area, you would actually need to think and break down what services they want, and what service areas they are looking for in finding these specifics.

  1. Think of what services your customers are looking to use:
    a. For an orthodontist, the services would include, for example:
    – Braces
    – Invisible braces
    – Teeth whitening
  2. Think what service areas your customers are looking to find the service they are in, these might include:
    a. Suburb
    b. City
    c. State
    d. Postcode
    e. Regions
  3. Ask yourself what customers might be searching for – the best place to start is to write down a number of services that you think your customers will be searching for. Then note down the areas you think are most important. Make 2 columns – one for services and another for service areas.
  4. Running your keyword list though the Google Keyword Planner – plug some of your main keywords into this tool and see if you can come up with any suggestions. The tool would alsouncover other widely used local keywords that has actual search volumes and might help you generate more ideas in keywords.