With digital marketing consistently changing, it is pointed out that those marketers who do not get on board with mobile video advertising, native advertising and analyzing consumer behaviour will be left behind.

Constant advances in technology and the ever changing landscape of the digital world, online advertisers must always stay on top of the trends. People have long since started to opt out to the traditional marketing methods and as old techniques became more and more obsolete, how then should online advertising strategies be optimized.

Currently, there are three trends in the online advertising world that will open up new options and opportunities and in giving you the chance to reach new audiences.

  1. Mobile Video Advertising. This new trend is growing at a staggering rated. It accounts for almost 30 percent of all online videos and grew 400 percent between 2012 and 2014. While the amount of videos that is consumed is impressive, there is more to it than that. In its core, videos require active participation, which means that when someone is presented with a video, advertisers have a unique opportunity in front of them. Consumers look at screens and would engage in a way that they simply do not do with billboards, magazine flyers or pull outs.
  1. Native Advertising. The modern person living in the digital generation is quite choosy on how to spend their time and what content they would consume, as well as more demanding about their user experience. As such, they are put off a lot more easily by intrusive adverts. This is where the idea of native advertising comes in.

Native adverts are typically accompanied by a disclaimer in pointing out that the content in question is a sponsored ad or simply a promotion, they are nevertheless much more engaging. As a quick guide, native advertising is less annoying and does not easily disrupt a user’s platform experience. But they also tend to be very clever. Native advertising comes usually in the form of a long blog post, infographic or video that aims to inform, inspire and entertain without being overly selling anything.

  1. Customer Behavior Analysis. Data is all the rage. It is no wonder. One accurate metric is worth a million guesses, so if you really want your online advertising campaigns to work, you need to drill down into the hard facts. Rather than wasting advertising spend trying to hoover up pointless clicks, your adverts need to be put in front of the right people at the right time. And analyzing your customer behavior via data will help.

Being niche and working out a campaign that meets the needs of a tailored audience will likely be the difference between a bungled campaign and watching the dollars pour in.