In a recent Google webmaster discussion, the topic of page loading (or page speed) came up and was discussed. It is one of the determinants if a site is mobile friendly or not. Come to think of it, longer page loading times often results to users clicking away from the site or going back to the search results to go with a much faster loading site, most particular on a mobile device.

It was revealed that one the biggest problem of Google finds when site speed is concerned, it is pointed that one factor is that images are not well optimized for mobile. True to the fact that it might scale up or down depending on the width of a certain device but the site is loading the high resolution images of a desktop version generally brings a site’s speed down.

The question was asked about optimizing images and other resources for page speed.

We have seen that a major problem for websites to be slow especially on mobile devices is not optimizing your images for mobile devices. So what we’ve seen is a lot of websites they still serve the same high-resolution heavy images that are supposed to be served for the desktop users. They serve the same thing to mobile users as well and this happens in the majority of cases. This is one of the major problems in making websites slower on mobile devices. So that is a major challenge.”

Then of course there’s a lot of things you can fix, and yes by using the page speed insight tool and follow those guidelines and solutions there, you should be in a very good position.”

So when a site is being optimized, always check the file size of an image as it is seen as one of the culprits in slow site load time. A tool from Google called PageSpeed Insights will generally help you optimize your site to have a faster loading time.


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