Increasingly, data-driven experiences are not just key to email engagement, but also in differentiating businesses and accelerating conversion. As a given, data helps marketers align with customer context, for example, a consumer’s disposition and situation in delivering value, which in turn drives engagement and action – conversion.

As innovation in marketing is greatly accelerating, it is high time to put data into a fast and measurable action via email and other channels. With testing and optimizing new consumer communication experiences over the next few months, programs will be primed in using data in driving better results into the remaining months of this year.

Here are some key examples of opportunities this 2015:

  1. Tapping in the Overtly YOU Data That Can Be Found – a very good example of this type of data is from the transport innovator, Uber.

Uber harnesses a payload data from consumers in providing a higher valued transportation experience. Also, they put this data into an email messaging action.

Uber channels usage data into an anniversary email that reports stats, encouraging social sharing and is compelling in finding a destination with a “faux” GIF animated field that drives clicks in searching new Uber locations.

  1. Social Community Data – In driving social authentication and social sharing, it can deepen and amplify messaging with more relevancy that is based on social ties. A good example of this is with TripAdvisor. It integrates social connection with the site features and email subject lines that informs any user of a friend’s reviews and actions. With the site’s social authentication and social graph’s transparency, one can see where their friends have traveled, and reviews are prioritized on the site as well as on email communications
  1. Location Data – this type of data drives relevancy and value with fast-moving consumers. InterContinental Hotel Group delivers value by offering up weather reports at hotel destinations. Technology allows this data to be refreshed at the time a message is opened, therefore providing a real time value towards consumers that are on-the-go. In message live content related to weather and maps provides consumer value based on location when the message is opened.Marketers can provide a lot of consumer value with content customized to location, such as top restaurants or transportation options in a city the consumer has just landed in, enabled by real-time location detection.

Data drives a more contextual and valuable experience for consumers, leading to stronger engagement and more conversions. Think about how some of these data-driven concepts may apply to your business goals. Today, it’s less about big data and more about immediately actionable data that can deliver value and drive action.

So, double down on data now for a winning 2015, and start to gather key insights to apply to 2016 planning.