Are you a webmaster that had received an email that Google sends regarding the mobile compatibility of your site?

During the previous SMX West meet, topics on the upcoming mobile update on Google’s ranking algorithm for mobile devices were discussed. This algorithm update is said to be rolling out on April 21 this year. Here are some notes that you might want to consider:

  1. Your site must have CSS and javascripts unblocked.

Google tests your site if it is mobile friendly and if your site is programmed to block its CSS and javascript elements, your site will not pass Google’s test even if everything else is good. You would need to allow Googlebot to crawl both CSS and javascript to pass this test.

  1. Having a responsive site does not help rankings.

Google has been pushing responsive design as a way to get sites handle traffic coming from mobile and handheld devices. Some companies have wondered if having a responsive site would give some sort of increases in rankings. It is only recommended because it works well with Google.

  1. A mobile site must have all pages mobile friendly.

Google determines a site if it is mobile compatible page by page. When it comes to passing the mobile test every page on your site must be at the very least responsive and have both CSS and javascript unblocked as mentioned in the previous point.

  1. Google is considering a different index for both mobile and desktop versions.

Google has confirmed this and they are now working on it. Though from different sources, nobody can confirm when this algorithm will roll out or where Google’s stage in this development.

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