April 21 marks the deadline in making websites user friendly and many sites are still checking to see if their pages get the “mobile-friendly” annotation in Google mobile search results. These two words were Google’s promise to searchers that a result meets a certain standard of results mobile users expect.
It is of great concern that sometimes the mobile-friendly annotation label does not show on search results even if Google’s own mobile-friendly test declares “Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly.”Through research, the least discussed reasons why a mobile-friendly annotation may not show despite asite is fully optimized for mobile browsing.
Make your pages mobile-friendly by checking your mobile usability report in Google Web master Tool sand work on any issues that may be found or flagged on the tool. After checking, run your entire website’s URL through Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to confirm with a message “Awesome! This page ismobile-friendly.” and finally, check your website through your smartphone to see the results (with the annotation) that it is mobile-friendly.
 When the Mobile-Friendly Annotation is Missing.
With research, e-commerce category and subcategory pages are frequently not showing the coveted annotation. Few product listings have the annotations or “results”. This anomaly is happening mostly on many category type pages with product listings but this does not seem to be an issue with product review information. The error is not caused by pagination mark up, video thumbnail mark up, and “jump to app” mark up and they get the full mobile-friendly annotation. There is hope that the task behind the search engine giant’s closed doors will finally result the reordering of the annotations displayed.