Step by Step Process


Step 1: Submit Project Scope.

You can submit your project scope to us by cliking on the Get Estimate page.


Step 2: Receive Your Estimate within the day.

Once we get your project scope we'll review it and provide you with an estimate that includes, tasks, cost and timing to complete the work.

Sample Project Scope:


Step 3: Approving The Estimate.

Take a moment to review the estimate. Now is the time to ask any questions or make changes to the project scope so we can alter our estimate according to the new requirements.

Step 4: Sign our Independent Contractor Agreement.

Review: Custom A Design Independent Contractor Agreement

Step 5: Payment Terms.

Make a 50% payment to start development on The Project. The remaining 50% payment balance will be paid upon completion and your approval of The Project.


Step 6: Rinse & Repeat

We're here to make your life easier and to become a development resource that brings real value to your company. Our goal is to produce excellent work for your client and build a long term relationship with you. We will do our best to earn your repeat business!