This is a must-have for modern marketing. Even if you may have read or heard this fact, many marketers still question its exact definition.

What then is marketing automation and why should you be interested in it? The answer is simple, marketers who use automation software tend to surpass marketers that do not.

Marketing automation is a software platform that helps businesses to streamline, automate and measure key performance indicators and workflows. This specialized software allows marketers to be more efficient in their jobs, increase overall revenue, and allows to grow into a more powerful marketing team.

What are these workflows as stated on the definition? Here are some of the tasks that marketing automation allows you to do more effectively:

  1. Landing page creation
  2. Email marketing
  3. Lead nurturing and scoring
  4. Proper market segmentation
  5. Cross-channel marketing campaigns
  6. Client / customer retention
  7. and many more

These workflows or strategies are basic but without the proper tools to implement, it would be really hard to accomplish the projected goal. When your customer or client base would be growing, it would be hard to manage a 1:1 connection ratio if manual tools are still implemented.

The best marketing teams or staff will use a marketing automation tool to get the most out of their campaigns and to empower their own sales teams with better leads which will then lead to a higher ROI – the bottom line of any business.

These marketing automation tools gives any marketing personnel a better insight into the sales funnel, tools that allows them to accurately determine when leads are more likely to buy a product and in the current competitive marketing environment, this ability alone is becoming essential in becoming the business domain authority.

The ability to demonstrate the effectiveness of campaigns is helping marketing departments move as cost centers to revenue generators as most traditional business models would not expect. With more support for marketing campaigns, marketers are better to be able to experiment on newer ideas and deploy dynamic revenue generator campaigns on the fly.

Marketing automation is not just a cost, it is fast becoming the center of any marketing divisions. Marketing automation allows anybody to scale marketing campaigns, reach new leads effectively and qualify them with the power to demonstrate exact figures for any business’ return of investment.