Company Websites are search optimized by assigning keywords to relevant webpages. The weight of choosing keywords is therefore a big deal. Keyword selection is fundamental to a website’s SEO for natural or organic rankings as well as in using paid search or commonly known as PPC campaigns.

In retrospect, keywords are not just about search engine optimization. Keywords are at the center of a company’s marketing campaign at its core level. If company owners cannot effectively identify the most important keywords for their venture, then it is highly doubted that products or service or not marketed effectively to the target audience.

Basing on search engine marketing experience, people tend to over think when it comes to the most basic keyword research concepts. Keyword generation should start from the core of the business, it is advised to start with a question “What exactly do I sell or service?” Take for example, a dog food online seller. Using just the keywords “dog” and “food” separately alone would be a very poor choice because both of the selected keywords do not describe what the seller is getting out of the door. With this example, many business owners are practicing this and suggestions that are coming from service providers are mostly shunned as business owners think that they are right since they own the business. It highly suggested the root keywords must be bigger and broader. “Dog food store” is the right choice for the example that was described.

With keywords, a content strategy can be planned. The suggested keywords should guide the overall strategy. Conventionally, humans think linearly about content and keywords but this approach has its limits; a website is built, launch search marketing campaigns to try to drive users on towards the website’s content with the goal of conversions on the website. The optimization campaign must and should also include users on how they seek content and the way search engines perceive a website’s content.


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