With the prospect of no more lengthy commutes, working in your pyjamas and not dealing with annoying bosses and co-workers, this sounds like the dream, isn’t it?

On the business side of things, working at home has also the benefits: lower administrative costs, access to a bigger pool of talent, and increased productivity.

There are surveys and studies indicate that the flexibility in working at home creates flexibility to multi-task with other things, creating a preferred work-life balance and being able to work undistractedly. Another shows working from home enjoy a 50 percent increase on job satisfaction and 12 percent are more efficient if compared with the office counterparts.

Here is how working at home increases productivity

  1. Not commuting to work. Most employees spend large amounts of time in traffic or are in a public transport. Employees can get to the office already exhausted. When working at home, the only commute one has to take is from the bedroom to the work area. No more lengthy commutes. This also means that there is less stress to be dealt with a hectic commute. This would explain why there is a higher level of satisfaction from working at home.
  2. Flexibility. Flexible hours would mean that employees can work around the hours which is best suited for them and when they are most productive. For those who are with kids, employers can tap into an employee market which most 9-5 businesses are hard up to get. The working at home parents also gets to manage their own responsibilities with their own schedules.
  3. Less to almost non-existent distractions. With a little effort in self-discipline, distractions (or temptations) that may come from various sources such as the television, the kitchen and having your own space, distractions can be minimized. Comparing to the office environment that has impromptu meetings, boisterous (and often obnoxious) co-workers, unnecessary phone calls, music, and any type of spontaneous breaks can certainly break the momentum and drain out productivity.

Having the chance to work at home will certainly help boost productivity as well as making employees enjoy their work more. If can have this arranged, keep in mind that working at home works best with a formal policy. When implemented correctly, working from home is a great system for employees and employers alike.