It is a simple equation: more web pages = more visitors = more leads and potential sales. Remember that every page of your website is an opportunity to be found on search engine results pages.

The practice of producing online content in order to attract website visitors and converting them into leads and customers is the fundamental idea of inbound marketing methodology. But for some, the prospect of producing frequent content is cyclical and daunting. The fact of the matter is, there is a need to create more content.

  1. Sharing Visual Content

– Whether a sales pitch or some other type of information sharing, there is always information that is ready to be shared online. Repurposing this content as downloadable e-books or sharing through online services like SlideShare would be an advantage. Share specific product photos on Flickr or Pinterest, and if there are audio or video materials that are lying around, creates podcasts or “how-to” videos to describe services or products.

  1. Doing a Content Audit

– If your business is like most that does not have too much to talk about, chances are, you have some ready content that needs some tweaking to spark conversation topics on your company blogs. To name a few resources: Company brochures, Product information sheets, presentation slides and even sales pitches. Do an audit of the existing literature of your company and with just a little adjustment, it can be repurposed to blogs or to offer as something to download.

  1. Creating a Content Calendar

– Like journalists, a content calendar can help plan and organize in adding new and unique content to a website in a regular basis. There are ready calendar software such as Outlook or Google Calendar to help schedule posting dates and topics. You can also hold regular meetings among your staff to help brainstorm on topics and to assign writing tasks among them.

In conclusion, original content is your website’s 24/7 messenger to the world. Within a variety of formats to create content, you should always be contributing original content to keep prospects engaged to your website.