Email marketers often get lost in the noise and over the promise of “Big Data”. Deep analysis of large data sets is important and businesses of today use them successfully to uncover solutions that are difficult to discover anywhere from customer insights to solving operational business problems. Now, email marketers are looking to improve their program are better off starting with the fundamentals and analysing “little data” where unique opportunities can result in bigger breaks.

A good example of going back to basics and in using a more actionable email practice; a major global brand saw their placement rates and reach drop to 50 percent. Again, this global brand asked the right questions and struggled to know why their inbox placement rates were suffering. Nonetheless, one simple check of the fundamentals was done and one data point showed an improperly configured authentication policy was found in sending their domain.

As a result, most mailbox providers were sending the email directly to spam folders. After combining “little data” like placement rates and authentication results, they adjusted their authentication and saw their inbox placement result garner better results. The use of small or fine data points will definitely uncover hidden truths and can lead to major improvements towards a business’ goals.

Smart marketers look first at the fundamentals first before conducting a deeper analysis. Using email placement and engagement data with the fundamentals, small and actionable insights can be discovered that have a much higher return than most alternatives. Big data may be big business, but we shouldn’t forget the fundamentals first.