Having your own social media marketing is urgent. But for most, most business owners do not question its value and all the more, question what its value is. Social Media marketing campaigns is not just gaining page likes, fans or retweets. These should not be the end. Social Media marketing is in fact more that of an online popularity contest. To give you an idea, here are some points to consider:


  1. Social Media helps increase Brand Awareness

This is one of the main benefits of social media marketing that is easiest to recognize. These social media platforms are ready made solutions and an excellent way to introduce people to a brand. The concept of “if you will build it, they will come” is simply not applicable anymore. If a segment of the target market does not know where a business or a website’s existence, they cannot simply shop there. Social media is also used by almost everybody in the entire world. It is the perfect channel to promote a brand to potential target markets.


Research shows that 75 percent of Americans said product information that are found on social media influences their shopping behavior as well as it enhances brand loyalty.


  1. Legitimize a Brand

Social Media Marketing campaigns helps with customer acquisition by establishing that a brand is legitimate therefore helping with the business’ image towards potential customers that are paranoid or have trust issues. When consumers discover a business they want but knows little about it, social media is often used as a search medium to retrieve information about a product, service or a company. Facebook, for one shows business reviews to buyers that help building trust in the purchasing journey.


Also note that inactivity on a social media brand can also mean something to people whom the platform has had engagement with. If customers are asking help and are being ignored, they may assume that the company has poor customer service or worse, the business is entirely closed.


  1. Increase Sales

It is the goal of every business out there. In reality, by showing that your brand is legitimate and trustworthy, people would even purchase what they need directly from your social media account. For fans of a certain business, owners can write posts that link to products, call to action, inquiries and the like. Marketers on the other hand, can use promoted content and advertisements to sell products to carefully selected target audiences who are not fans of the brand yet as social media networks know a lot about consumer interests, demographics and behavior, so even with hundreds or thousands upon thousands of fans, marketers can accurately target the right people with the right message.


  1. Share and Distribute Content

Social media networks should be part of any content marketing distribution system. Social media accounts a very large portion of referral traffic on the web. By design, people are looking for content that interests them and also would like to share the same information to their own social network streams.


  1. Help to Improve Customer Service

This is the most overlooked portion of any social media campaign. Even for businesses that have their own customer service department that should handle inquiries or even sales! It is found out that handling issues through the method of communication the consumer a business has prefers is important. This also goes back on how to establish a brand through social media properly. The major key concern of consumers in using social media to reach out to businesses is the responsiveness of customer service. Bad customer service will almost equate to loss of potential profit.


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