One of the most powerful ways to convert your market target audience is through email marketing. By creating an email list, you can actually bypass search engine algorithms, social media news filters and other issues that may prevent your business messages being sent to your audience.
By placing your opt-in forms in high traffic areas, this makes sure that everyone who comes to your website will be able to easily subscribe on any stage of your user’s visit. To name a few, high traffic areas include:
1. Sidebars – If your blog  has a sidebar, this is another good place that will be seen by most of the visitors coming to your website to see your content.
2. Website Headers – This will reach new visitors wherever they enter your website.
3. About Pages – A great about page will likely turn a regular visitor into a potential customer. Get the mon your list by including an opt-in form on this page.
4. Website Footers – If someone does decide to look at your website from top to bottom, having an opt-in form there might seal the deal.
5. Newsletter Pages – If you have a page dedicated to building your list, you can use it in your regular e-mail signatures, paid advertising campaigns, and other areas to encourage more subscribers.
The better part of most email marketing services is that you can encourage sign ups or subscriptions using the over-used, opt-in forms. Find out other ways to integrate your mailing list to other web properties as well such as:
1. Advertising – While these are currently in beta, both Google Ad Words and Twitter are working on allowing advertising options which allow people to sign up for your mailing list directly from the Google search results page and tweets, respectively.
2. Shopping Carts – Many shopping cart and e-commerce solutions can integrate with popular e-mail marketing services to add an e-mail list opt-in option when people checkout. This means you can turn what could have been one-time customers into regulars.
3. Facebook Pages – Most e-mail marketing services offer a quick app or code you can use to add your signup form to your Facebook page. This is a good way to convert your fans into more dedicated subscribers.
In addition to good placement of your opt-in forms, try offering specials to those who sign up. It is a great way to increase sign ups. Depending on your industry, you can offer free content downloads,discounts, free samples, members only sales and any other incentives to your website viewers to encourage more people to sign up for your mailing list. You would want to experiment as well with the different types of specials to see which responds to your audience best and not only increase sign ups but conversions on your site as well.