What if there is a ready made, proven frequency formula that can help small businesses be on top of their target market’s mind that seeks a certain product or service? The information in this post is some of the most important and useful (insider info) that most business entrepreneurs just do not have the chance to get. It is pointed that it is important that the implementation is in accordance to the proven frequency formula that is shared with you and you will see improvements along the way.
What is Frequency?
Frequency is basically how often brands or companies tell people on who they are and what your business is. This can be done though many ways. To name a few channels; TV commercials, radio and print ads, billboards and internet marketing.
Why is it Important for your Business?
It is important for your business so that people will remember you, and have you on top of their minds when they are seeking a product or service that you are offering. Every day, people are bombarded with so many branding messages and this makes it hard for a small business to stand out from the messaging barrage.
Also in a sense, there are other reasons why it is hard to get business:1. Targeted consumers need to become aware of you.2. You, as a business owner, need to demonstrate that you actually know what you are talking about and are good at
what you do.
3. By building trust, target consumers begins to trust you and your business as a source and this will result in repeat purchases.
Implementing Frequency
It can be implemented in many ways, however, the best way that allows you to see any hint of success and have aclear, defined strategy is to use a proven formula. This formula is having your customer hear your messages 3 timesa week at 52 weeks a year.
That’s right. 3 times a week at 52 weeks a year.In order for your business message to be ingrained to your customer’s thoughts is that they need to have a
frequency of hearing or seeing that certain brand message 3 times a week, 52 weeks a year. It is natural for the brain to look for patterns or frequencies of 3 in order for the brain to process the information needed and remember it.There is also a step at 3-4 months, 6 months, and 12 months (still a pattern of 3) where the brain starts to log those marketing messages into long term memory. It is that process that makes customers to be familiar with and for them to think where to go for business.
Not only does having the frequency formula naturally cause it to stick to the consumer’s thoughts but it is also scientifically proven that when messages are repeated over and over, they become more believable and holds truth to those who are receiving it (otherwise known as the truth effect).
The proven frequency formula is the ticket in getting your small business on top of your targeted consumer’s minds.Remember, it is 3 times a week for 52 weeks.